20 October 2016

13 October 2016

Save the museums of 'mothers' - Italy



Save the museum of “mothers”

Organized by:
The cultural association CAPUANOVA, Palazzo Fazio - Capua
Padiglione Tibet of Ruggero Maggi - Milan
in partnership with: AISLO (Milan and Caserta) and Associazione Aliante (Capua)

Supervision and technical-scientific assistence by Department of Literature and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Contemporary Art Course, of II University of Naples.

- Regione Campania
- Amministrazione Provinciale di Caserta
- Municipality of Capua
- Chamber of Commerce of Caserta

The invitation will be send by the organizators with news and pictures of the museum and the wonderful collection of the Matres that are exposed in the inside.
Theme: Capua’s mothers (visit http://www.capuanova.it/adottaunamadre/)
Free form and technics

Deadline: October 31th 2016
The pieces shall be sent to: Museo Provinciale Campano, Via Roma, n.68 - 81043 Capua (CE) - ITALY.

Cataloging will be made by Associazione Capuanova and the students of Department of Literature and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Contemporary Art Course, of II University of Naples.

All the pieces received will be posted on Capuanova’s website and FB fanpage (
Exhibition is expected to be during December’s first week and will be set in Matres Matutae’s Hall in Museo Provinciale Campano, exposed for four whole weeks.

After the exhibition, the pieces will remain in the museum’s archive, which organized a showcase where the pieces will be exposed one after another permanently, creating a mail art background dedicated to mother’s figure.

A printed pamphlet is expected to be sent to all guests.

Info: http://www.provincia.caserta.it/museocampano/ or http://www.capuanova.it/adottaunamadre/le-madri-del-museo-campano-di-capua/
For additional interesting information search “le madri di Capua” , “Mater Matuta” , “adotta una madre” on the web.

10 October 2016

Book Prize for Kees Francke - Your help wanted

The book WEST MONGOOLSE GEZANGEN with poems by Mail-artist and poet KEES FRANCKE (1953-2002) was published in May 2016 by Trichis Rotterdam. The book is now among 80 other books that are being considered for PZC Publieksprijs 2016.
1.We kindly ask you to vote for Francke’s book at this site: www.pzc.nl/publieksprijs .

2.Click on NEEM DEEL (on blue; it means: PARTICIPATE)
3.Scroll down to find the cover of Kees’ book ( see image), and mark your choice
4. scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill your name and email-adress

You can also vote by sending a regular mail to PZC Publieksprijs, Postbus 5046, 4380 KA Vlissingen, Holland and mentioning : West Mongoolse Gezangen.
Please forward this message.
Thank you in advance: Paul van Soest and Johan Everaers ( Ever Arts) 

cover of Kees’ Book