19 March 2018

Detour Ahead - USA

Title: Mail Art Call by Posted - USA
Theme: Detour Ahead
Deadline: April 8th, 2018

Send art to:
P.O. Box 51003
Kalamazoo, MI 49006 - USA

  • All submissions will be displayed at PostedLetter.com and selected submissions will be posted to Instagram by @PostedLetter.
  • Please include your name, email address, and a website/social media account if you'd like to be credited. Mark your work as "Anonymous" if you do not want to be credited.
  • All techniques, mediums, and skill levels accepted.
  • No fee, no returns.
For more information, go to postedletter.com/community.

Neighborhood - Spain

About the neighborhood and for the neighborhood (reflections on the dynamics of daily life), event and exhibition with mail art workshops, at Os Castros.
The received works will be exhibited in the "tallerdepolo" (neighborhood Os Castros). Also on this page and in the "blog"
The size and technique will be free and the deadline for
receiving works will be on December 1, 2018.
No jury. No fees. No return
Carlos Botana and "tallerdepolo", plastic arts workshop,
invite artists from all over the world and no age limit
to take part in the mail art call “neighborhood”
Send your artworks to:
tallerdepolo / Carlos Botana
Rúa / Monte das Moas 17-baixo
Os castros- 15009 -A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Sobre el barrio y para el barrio (reflexión sobre las dinámicas de la vida cotidiana),
evento y exposición con talleres de arte postal , en el barrio de Os Castros.
Las obras recibidas se exhibirán en el “tallerdepolo”(barrio de Os Castros) , así como en esta página y en el "blog" mailartbarrio.blogspot.com
El tamaño y la técnica serán libres
y la fecha límite para la recepción de obras será el 1 de Diciembre de 2018.
Sin jurado. Sin cargos. Sin retorno.
Carlos Botana y “tallerdepolo” taller de artes plásticas,
invitan a artistas de todo el mundo y sin límite de edad,
a participar en este proyecto llamado “barrio”.
Envía tu obra a:
tallerdepolo/ Carlos Botana
Rúa / Monte das Moas 17-baixo
Os castros- 15009 -A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

12 March 2018

Ludo Magazine - Play the Game project

LUDO Magazine is a cultural 'container' that deals with the game world in its various facets: from the experience of play to art, from technology to creativity, from craftsmanship to entertainment. An overview that includes what we can associate with the game in a playful-cultural key, dealing with specific topics with targeted articles, and dedicating retrospectives on exhibitions and exhibitions that take place during the year, which may be of interest to all fans. A project also associated with the creation of a fan-magazine for a traveling exhibition of mail-art with works created in postcard format, dedicated to this fascinating world.

The intent of the "PLAY THE GAME" mail-art project is to invite the artists to send by post a postcard self-produced or artistically reworked concerning a personal vision or interpretation of the theme "THE GAME": works inspired by the different facets and stimuli that this theme can offer. It is possible to send artistic creations through drawings, photographs, collages, illustrations, works in mixed technique, made specifically or result of manipulation of existing images, made on any suitable support. The works must be in the standard postcard format (10.5 x 14.8 cm / A6 format - or 10x15 cm) that concerns the proposed theme.
The received works will be cataloged and inserted in the gallery of the website and on the social network channels. (Works that offend the common civil and moral sense will not be accepted.)
We will also try to organize an exhibition [in date and place yet to be defined] to be able to propose and agree with a body that has relevance to the project, during 2018.

27 February 2018

The Face of Jesus - USA

THE FACE OF JESUS - An International MailArt Exhibition
Size - Open
Medium - Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Collage, Photography
Artists are asks to be respectful but as creative as they want in their interpretation of the Face of Jesus - No blasphemy and any work promoting hate to any individual or group will not be accepted
A PERMANENT Museum Space has been set up in Gloucester, Massachusetts for The Face of Jesus Exhibition
Documentation on Facebook and on the IUOMA page to all participants - no returns - Please read my blog for more info
Send work to : The Face of Jesus
                       Sharon Silverman
                       P.O Box 1212
                       Haverhill,  MA 01831- USA

Communicating - Argentina

“Invisible threads”
Theme: “Communicating”
The Museo Municipal de Arte (MuMA) is an Art Museum located in the city of Puerto Madryn in Argentina. MuMa is a place dedicated to the promotion of Argentinean art between national and foreign visitors through exhibitions of great masters and also local and regional artists.
This year, MuMA adheres to the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to celebrate the International Museum Day. The theme chosen for 2018 is “Hiperconnnected museums".
In this way ICOM invites the museum community worldwide to explore all the possible connections to establish new communication networks
To join this event the Museum opens an international call establishing new ties with the community and the world revaluing the encounter with the original artwork through mail art.
Terms and Conditions
We invite artists from all over the world and no age limit to take part in the mail art call “Invisible threads”.
No jury. No fees. No return.
Artwork must be original, two-dimensional and not framed.
Each artist may send a maximum of 3 works.
Format: 15cm x 20cm, paper or light cardboard
Techniques: drawing, painting, print, collage, photo, digital.
On the back of the artwork please include your name, signature, title, technique and contact details.
Works signed with the artist´s name must be send to: Museo Municipal de Arte Av. Roca 444 Puerto Madryn. 9120 Chubut. Argentina. Please add "no commercial value" and “do not bend” in the envelope
The Museum will not accept to pay for any shipped or posted material.
All submitted works will be exhibited in the Museo Municipal de Arte de Puerto Madryn, as part of the International Museum Day celebration, from May 18, 2018.
The final destiny of all received artwork will be its distribution in schools and educational institutions of Puerto Madryn city to possible future exhibitions and cultural purposes.
Images will be on display in: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Museo-Municipal-de-Arte-de-Puerto-Madryn-133400537278938/posts/?ref=page_internal

Deadline: April 30, 2018. You can post your works until the deadline.
The Museum reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit all or part of the received artworks for cultural or educational purposes.
Artworks will not be sold.
All artwork will be accepted but anything deemed offensive or unsuitable for our visitors may not be included and will not be exhibited. 
All the participants will receive a certificate by mail
Send to:
Museo Municipal de Arte
Av. Roca 444
Puerto Madryn. 9120
Chubut. Argentina
Further information: museodeartepm@gmail.com Phone: 54 9 280 4453204
Museo Municipal de Arte .